About Me

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I am a former IT Consultant who changed career by setting up and running Wombie's Kitchen, a catering company that is passionate about inclusive food for people living with allergies or those who have dietary needs due to medical reasons or choice. 

Wombie's Kitchen came to life after I took a year out to become a student again studying Stadium Events Management and Culinary Skills.  A chance email exchange led to my first event and I haven't looked back.

My interest in making food for those with additional requirements stems from having a child with a severe dairy allergy.  When he was born and a young child the free-from ranges in the supermarkets were not as full as they are now.  He was so sensitive to milk, kissing him after drinking milky tea would bring out a reaction, that we banned dairy in the house (until he'd at least gone to bed!).  I adapted everyday recipes to ensure that the family all had great food to eat.  13 years of cooking this way has enabled me to make most meals dairy-free, much of it is coincidentally gluten-free & nut-free.  I also have a keen interest in vegan and vegetarian food and I wanted to share this with others.

I know from experience that eating out as a free-from person is hard, the choices are limited if places agree to serve you at all.  I want to ensure that any guest attending an event I am catering has something equally good, if not better, to eat as their 'normal' co-event goers.

I currently cater for Afternoon Tea's, corporate lunches, takeaways, supper clubs, garden parties, christening breakfasts, dinner parties, celebration events and I also create a variety of free-from and ‘normal’ gifts suitable for any occasion.

Please contact me on rookie@wombieskitchen.co.uk to start a discussion about your next event or gift requirements.