Afternoon Tea


Ever wanted afternoon tea without having to travel too far?

Why not have afternoon tea in your garden, at your kitchen table or anywhere else you fancy.

What will you have in yours?

df - dairy free | gf - gluten free ingredients | v - vegetarian | vg - vegan | nf - nut free

Disclaimer: Tea & champagne not supplied

Minimum order of 2

2 days notice needed

Pick up from EN10

  • Finger Sandwiches

    One of each

    Egg Mayonnaise on white flat bread (v, nf, df, opt gf)

    Spicy Chicken on granary bread (nf, df opt gf)

    Ham & Cheese on granary bread (nf, v opt df, gf)

    Cucumber & Cream Cheese on white bread (nf, v opt gf)



  • Mini Bites

    Choose Two

    Smoked Salmon Blinis (opt v)


    Cheese gourgeres - a cheesy choux bun(v, nf)


    Mini Homity Pie - cheese & potato wrapped in filo (v, nf)

    Bacon, Camembert & cranberry jam bites (nf.  opt v, df)

    Stuffed egg (v, nf, df, gf)

    Bresaola parcels - aged beef wrapped around rocket and Parmesan cheese (gf, nf)

  • Scones

    Choose Plain or Fruity

    Fruit or plain scones with raspberry jam & clotted cream

  • Desserts

    Choose Three

    2 Chocolate domes (v, nf opt df, gf)

    2 Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, coffee or raspberry macarons (df, nf, gf, v)

    Oreo cheesecake (v, nf, opt gf)

    Lemon posset with a sable biscuit lid  (v, nf, opt gf)

    Triple Chocolate Mousse (v, gf, nf) 

    Carrot cake (v, nf opt df, gf))

    Banoffee Pie (v, nf opt gf)

    Rocky Road Bites (df, nf opt v, vg, gf)

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