Pulled pork, salmon, salad

24 hour pork

Marinated pork shoulder roasted at a low temperature for 16 - 24 hours (gf, df)



Joint of lamb studded with garlic, sprinkled with rosemary and slow roasted for 4 - 5 hours (gf, df)


Chicken ballotine

(Rolled chicken stuffed with mushroom onions & spinach, wrapped in pancetta (gf, df)


Chicken/ prawn / veggie tikka skewers 

Marinated chicken with onions, halloumi and peppers (gf, option for df, v, vg)


Thai green curry

Chicken in a Thai coconut sauce with peas and spinach, served with rice (gf, option for v & vg)


Salmon wrapped in Parma ham

Salmon wrapped in crispy Parma Ham (gf, df)


Salmon with a pesto crust

Salmon marinated in a coriander and lime pesto and grilled (gf, df)


Sandwiches and wraps

Select your flavours


Layers of lamb, potato and aubergine topped with a cheesy bechamel sauce (gf, option for df, v, vg)


Cottage pie

Beef (spicy or not) topped with cheesy mashed potato (gf, option for df, v, vg)


Shepherds pie

Lamb (spicy or not) topped with cheesy mashed potato (gf, option for df, v, vg)


Chicken biriyani

Chicken on the bone in a tomato sauce with fried potatoes, saffron rice, served with Dhun’s dhansak (gf, option for df)


Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken breast marinated in spices, served with potatoes and basmati rice (gf, df, option for v, vg)


Phoebe’s stew

A sharing stew of red lentils, onions, tomatoes, chick peas, pearl barley, quinoa, beans, lime and coriander (gf, v, vg)


Cauliflower and chickpea curry

Served with rice (gf, df, v, vg)


Handmade pizzas

Choose your toppings, great for kids



Chicken - Marinated chicken breast (option for df, gf)

Traditional beef burger - Onions & spices - cheese optional (option for df, gf)

Salmon Burger - Patty made with Salmon, soy sauce and spring onions (df, option for gf)

Lamb burger - With a garlic and coriander mayonnaise (df, option for gf)

Veggie - Patty made with spinach, beetroot, cheese, mushrooms (v, option for vg, df, gf)