A dinner party for 13 in 24 hours? Not a problem!

A true story from last Thursday. At 12.30pm whilst I was having my hair cut I received a phone call asking me exactly this! A chef for an event was ill and could I step in with a 2-course menu for three vegetarians, two others with dietary requests and eight classic menus.

I'd had an event postponement and it was an opportunity I didn’t want to turn down! Oh boy was it a crazy 24 hours!

The event planner told me the existing menu and I had the presence of mind to say no, I couldn’t replicate it. I would offer something different and try to keep touches of what they’d requested…

Food choices weren't confirmed till the end of the day on Thursday so I had to shop, prepare, pack and plan very quickly.

The result? A very grateful customer, some very happy guests (the cocktail making class had nothing to do with it of course!) and an unexpected piece of work which I hope will lead to more in time.

It led to some terrible photos, it’s very hard to take photos of food whilst trying to plate it and make sure it's served whilst still hot!

I had to do the same thing again on Saturday evening as I was cooking a completely different menu for a party of six in their house! The photos are actually from both nights as I forgot to take photos of everything! I'm gutted I forgot to take some of the profiteroles, they were delicious!

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