Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Is it better to go against your values and maybe get more work or to be true to yourself and feel ‘authentic’?  
I met a lovely lady a few weeks ago who was interested in my macaron making and wanted to offer macarons as part of a wedding package she was putting together.  Her plan was that she would do art work for the bottles, invites, party favor boxes etc., and offer my services out as part of it.  
It all sounded like a no brainer until she went the details of her business which was to do with painting people’s auras.  As she explained it to me I just didn’t connect with what she was saying.  People are free to make a living any way they can and I am well aware that everyone has differing views and that many people would love this service, I however felt disconnected.
I thought about it for a few days and pondered whether I could go with this for the sake of the business and I realised that aligning myself to something I would not change my mind about was not something I wanted to start out doing especially so early on - maybe I’ll be regretting this a few months / years down the line, I don’t know and I doubt it.
I want Wombie Events to be known for being a good quality, handcrafted, allergy friendly catering service that offers a friendly and professional service to all its customers.  To me that feels authentic and something I intend to keep in the back of my mind when making new connections. Rookie. x
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