Cooking gluten free for the first time

I do understand yet dislike the mindset of some about feeding people with allergies. Too scared to try / too embarrassed to ask. For me, it ended up with my child being excluded from events or the host asking me to bring food. In truth, especially when my son was younger, I would have been unlikely to take them up if they had offered, yet an offer would have been nice.

I found myself in an interesting place before Christmas making food free from gluten ingredients - mince pies and rocky road. I am not fazed by dairy free having cooked it for years, gluten free ingredients was daunting. Washing everything twice, lining baking tins and storage boxes with grease proof paper to minimise cross contamination and more.

The result, amazing, my testers, 3 gluten free, 1 one dairy free and some non-allergic trialists couldn't tell the difference, and everyone was well.

I am so glad I made the effort to try, next time it will be so much simpler as I have processes to follow and experience.

It's a wonderful feeling making great tasting food for people who sometimes miss out.

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