Does being late matter to you? It does to me.

If someone turns up to a meeting with you 30 minutes late how would that make you feel?  If you offer a paid service, I imagine you won’t offer a refund for those 30 minutes as you have allotted your time for this meeting.  If its someone who works for you the same applies, they’re wasting the time you put aside to talk.

Now apply this to my business.  On many occasions, customers have not picked up their edible goods at the time they said they would, despite agreeing this upfront, it being on their invoice and me contacting them the day before to remind them.

I have had people tell me they were going to be a few minutes late and turn up more than 30 minutes later.  I had one person due to pick her order on a Friday, ignore my reminder and follow-up messages (I could see she had read them) and then apologetically say she’d pick them up on Saturday evening.  I had one tell me she wanted her order on a particular day, then the week before she told me she wanted it on the Friday before when I was having party for my son, she insinuated that I was being unreasonable for asking her to pick it up before 10am.  I had to go shopping, clean the house, cook and get ready.  Yet I still have to accommodate this person and not be annoyed?

During Covid lock down I was confined to the house the majority of the time and it mattered less when people were late, although it started to breach the social distancing measures I was following when people ending up coming to the door at the same time. Now that this no longer applies I feel it's incredibly disrespectful for people to think that my time doesn't matter.

My coach talks about setting personal boundaries, what about when those boundaries are breached by your customers and you have no control?  What do you do?

Going back to the coach scenario, if I had set a session up with my coach and I was 30 minutes late, I wouldn't get those 30 minutes back, I'd lose them and any money I had paid.  So how do I apply the same in my world?  I am a chef and not a coach, does that mean my time should be considered less important?

This is genuinely bothering me a lot right now.  If you have any insight I would love to hear it. Thank you in advance.

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