Multi-generational living.

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

My mum was in hospital last weekend having something urgent and unrelated to coronavirus done.  She can’t stay at home on her own, my sister is a key worker and can’t visit so we have taken her back with us.

Normally when mum comes it’s for babysitting or a celebration and there's none of that now, it's just us  spending time together.  We take the boys and the dog to a very empty field near our house for some exercise every day and we’re playing rummy and table tennis in the evenings and it's great, its my favorite part of the day other than our dog walk.  

It reminds me of trips to Mumbai when we were younger.  My aunts parents lived in a place called Sheri House and their huge flat had so many generations living there.  Kids running around like loons, that'll be the very orange Fanta we drank copious amounts of.  Dina aunt making sweet chapattis - OMG amazing if you’ve never had any.  Uncles and aunts in their PJ's snoozing or chatting and others playing games of cards or reading.  It was such a vibrant place to be.

Coronavirus is awful and impacting on every part of our lives and the only positive seems to be that it’s making us slow down a bit and spend time with those that we would normally say we were too busy to.  So I will be making the most of this extra time I have and trying to strengthen those connections.  

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