Recipe - Breakfast - fruit and yoghurt

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Fruit with yoghurt and honey. This is another meal I picked up in Greece. I was a few months into my low carb eating and really struggling with breakfast. We arrived on one of the Islands quite early in the morning and went to a restaurant overlooking the sea and for the first time I tried fruit with yoghurt. I wasn’t a fan previously, whilst travelling many years before, my husband would often have fruit for breakfast and it just didn’t appeal. I am now a convert and have this at least 6 times a week!

Low Carb, gluten free, vegetarian & nut free - Any fruit you like, chopped in a bowl. Spoon out some Greek Yoghurt, with live bacteria is best, and add some Spanish honey.

Dairy free & vegan - Swap the yoghurt for Alpro Soya, almond or your preferred dairy alternative and swap the honey for maple syrup.

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