That roller coaster feeling & cheerleaders

I know this is a normal feeling, I am a few months into a running a new business, it has been a baptism of fire getting to grips with being the owner, head chef, marketing manager, finance director, sales team and PR director.  I’m still struggling and many days I want to quit.  I have muddled through and have had some business, not as much as I would like and not enough to make a living from it just yet.  It makes me feel like I am playing at this and it makes me question what on earth I am doing, should I go back to what I know?  Could I go back to being a project manager?  The thought of that makes me feel uneasy, yet the lure of money is certainly a pull!  
Along my four month journey I have met some amazing people, many who are my cheerleaders without me really knowing them at all, it is so incredible that these people are willing to get behind me and help me make a go of my business and ask nothing in return.  I obviously hope I can do the same in return.  I love the concept of paying it forward, helping others in some way and asking for nothing in return.

My highs are the events that I have run and the amazing feedback I have received.  My lows are the amount of work that I have bid for and have been unsuccessful in securing.  I don’t know if it is the prices I am quoting that are the issue, the type of food or something else.  Not everyone is willing to give feedback so I feel like I am scrabbling around in the dark.
Is the answer a part time job?  While that dilutes the effort I can put into the business at least I would be earning money!  The flip side is that I want this to work, I want to have a job that works around my family and something that is all mine - I am so proud to tell people I have my own business.
The roller-coaster feeling is normal according to other people I have met in similar circumstances. I have heard it never goes away for some!  So for now, the answer seems to be to realise that four months is no time at all.  Food businesses are made on reputation and reputations take time to build.  So I need to keep networking, keep bidding for new work, meeting people at fairs and being authentic.  I stay in touch with my cheerleaders and ask them for support when I am feeling low and when the roller coaster dips I know it won’t feel like that forever.
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