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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It’s a month since Wombie Events had its first event providing and serving food for 35 guests in a beautiful garden in Naezing.  While the bookings aren’t filling up the diary just yet I have spent the time buying equipment for my next event, 5 boxes arrived yesterday alone - who knew Tupperware and tongs could be so exciting?!  The networking breakfast I attended was terrifying!  I still believe in doing something that scares you as often as you can!  Everyone was very friendly, of course, and I have made some useful contacts.

I have also been on training courses provided free by Wenta, a not for profit social enterprise and attended a Digital Know How session given by Google, hosted by Lloyds Bank - both have been absolutely brilliant.  I’ve learned about social media, still more work to be done there!  I’ve studied marketing which needs real thought and planning about what I really want Wombie Events to be and how I get there.  

Most recently I learned that creating a website is just the beginning – thankfully, the long buried techie inside me still exists!  Not only have I created my own website from scratch, I’ve added SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to the pages to get my ranking up in Google searches and will soon be able to analyse visitors behaviour on the pages, where on the web they visited from, where they went after leaving my pages and how long they stayed - big brother?  You bet!  This is a free tool available to every company out there and you had better believe that they are using it too! Rookie. x

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