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My blog today is completely non-work related, it’s about some tools that I have found that will make my life clearer and easier I hope and I wanted to share them with you as I am so excited to be using them.

The first one is Grammarly. I pride myself on being fairly good at writing and enjoy the process a lot, so much so that writing reports in my old job was not a chore for me, I liked it! I do always think that another set of eyes on anything you write is always a good thing. Using Grammarly, you can rate your work against certain properties - tone, engagement, delivery and clarity.  For me, I need to be friendly, clear and engaging. In my old world, I needed to be informative, formal and to cover my backside, so it is a change of style for me and this will hopefully make sure I'm on track!  Now I just need to remember to use it! I’ve pinned it to my toolbar in the hope that I will.

The next one is a free app called Hootsuite. It allows you to schedule your social media.  I know this isn't news to most people and to me it's great.  I get so excited about posting that sometimes I forget that it's the dead zone in the day when no one looks at their social media and then my opportunity to connect is wasted! This also means when I am away that I can schedule a bunch of posts to make me look like I am present and to be kept in the forefront of people’s minds.  Sneaky yet helpful!

All this came about because of a post I wrote on LinkedIn last week on World Book Day It’s about the most useful book that I had when I worked in a corporate world that equally works in my new world. The A to Z of being understood by Kay White.  It takes the alphabet and uses it to show you a way of communicating better for each letter. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it.

Hope this gives you something to think about and that it may help your work in the way that it’s helped mine.

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