Wombie's Kitchen is known for it's macarons (amongst other things of course!) and we have 2 Christmassy flavours for you which are available until 24th December.


After Eight - The flavours of a favorite post dinner chocolate, mint and dark chocolate harmoniously and beautifully put together.


Cinnamon Twirl - These have the flavours of cinnamon, chocolate and sugar to bring a very different flavour to our macarons.


Choose from a box of 6 or 12 of all one flavour or a mix.


These are suitable for those who are dairy-free and are made with gluten-free ingredients.

Available to pick up until 24th December.



DF - Dairy-free

V - Vegetarian

GF - Gluten-free

NF - Nut-free

VG - Vegan

Limited edition macarons


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