Supper Clubs

Our Supper Clubs are on hold due to the rules surrounding Covid-19.  We will be back.  Until then, take a look at what we've got coming up

Italian Themed Supper Club

Welcome drinks

Prosecco, orange juice or a shot of Limoncello



Sharing Platter

- Bresaola parcels: Bresaola wrapped around rocket, lemon juice, pepper, Parmesan and olive oil (gf, nf)

- Parma & ricotta bites: Stuffed, deep fried mini cannoli (nf, opt v)

- Arancini balls: Rice and mozzarella with a tomato dip (v)

- A selection of olives (vg, v, nf, df)




Pasta fusion: Pesto encrusted chicken on a bed of freshly made spinach spaghetti,

 a carbonara sauce and Parmesan shavings (opt v, gf, vg & df)




Tiramisu or Panacotta

Chocolate, coffee & cream (v, nf)


Limoncello panacotta (gf, nf, opt v, df)

Mexican Themed Supper Club

Welcome drinks

Margarita cocktail or mocktail



Sharing Starters

- Green Soup: Leek and potato soup Mexican style with bacon, chilli, coriander, spinach & cheese (gf, nf, opt v & df) 

- Pepper Poppers: Sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese & wrapped in Parma ham (gf, nf, opt vegetarian)

- Mini Tostadas: Mini wraps topped with chorizo, chickpeas, yoghurt, lime & coriander (nf, opt df)




- Chilli gone barmey or Phoebe’s vegan Mexican stew with tomato rice: Chilli con carne with meat or not (df, nf, gf / df, nf, v, vg) 

- Fajitas: Tortilla wraps, chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese & jalapenos (nf, opt v, df)




- Churros with Mexican chocolate sauce:

Mexican doughnuts with a dark indulgent chocolate sauce (v, nf)

- Tres Leches Pastel: Three milk cake (v, nf)


Spanish Themed Supper Club

Welcome drinks

Sangria or orange juice



Tapas sharers

Chorizo & garlic

Chunks of Chorizo with a garlic mayonnaise (gf, nf, df)


Patatas Bravas

Cubes of potato with a garlic and tomato mayonnaise (df, nf, gf, v, vg) 


Spanish Tortilla

An egg, potato and onion omelette (v, nf, opt df)


Croquetas de Jamon

Ham and cheese bites (nf)


Andalusian Chicken

Chicken cooked in saffron, flavoured sauce (df, gf)


Gambas al Ajillo

Prawns cooked with chilli, lemon & garlic (df, nf)


Jamon, Manchego & olive

Skewers of Spanish ham, cheese and olives (nf)



Beef & pork meatballsin a tomato sauce (nf, df opt gf)


Bread & Olive Tapenade



Leche Frita

Fried milk (v, nf)


Almond & nougat sweets (v, nf)

British Themed Supper Club

Welcome drinks

Ginger beer - alcoholic

Homemade Lemonade



Sharing Starters

- Salmon bites: Salmon wrapped in parma ham served with a lemon & dill mayonnaise (df, nf, gf)

- Pea and mint shots: Pea and mint soup served in shot glasses with crisp pancetta (gf, df, v)

- Quail scotch egg: Quails egg, sausage meat and breadcrumbs with a garlic dip (df, opt gf)




- 24 Hour Pork with apple jelly: Pork shoulder in a host of spices, cooked for 20+ hours (df, gf, nf)

- Hassleback potatoes: Roast potatoes by another name (df, gf, nf, v, vg)

- Cider gravy (df, gf, nf)



Sides (df, nf, gf, v, vg)

- Sprouting Broccoli

- Glazed carrots

- Butternut squash puree



A trio of desserts

- Banoffee Pie: Banana’s, biscuits and cream (v, nf opt gf)

- Treacle Tart: With custard (v, nf opt gf)

- Apple & blackberry crumble: With custard (v, vg, df, nf, opt gf)

A Fishy Themed Supper Club

Welcome drinks

Prosecco or fruit juice




Served with pea puree, crispy ham and a burnt butter sauce (gf, nf, opt df)




Salmon and chorizo

Pan fried salmon with crispy skin and a chorizo oil served with squid ink tagliatelle and a creamy velouté  (nf, opt df, gf)



Sides (df, nf, gf, v, vg)


Tenderstem broccoli




Raspberry and frangipane tart: Served with brandy cream (df, v)