Takeaway - You must be able to pick up from EN10

Bresaola and ParmaHamPuffs_edited.jpg

Italian Themed Supper 

£25 per person


Welcome drinks

Prosecco, orange juice or a shot of Limoncello



Sharing Platter

- Bresaola parcels: Bresaola wrapped around rocket, lemon juice, pepper, Parmesan and olive oil (gf, nf)

- Parma & ricotta bites: Stuffed, deep fried mini cannoli (nf, opt v)




Pasta fusion: Pesto encrusted chicken on a bed of freshly made spinach spaghetti,

 a carbonara sauce and Parmesan shavings (opt v, gf, vg & df)




Tiramisu or Panacotta

Chocolate, coffee & cream (v, nf)


Limoncello panacotta (gf, nf, opt v, df)


Mexican Takeaway

£20 per person



- Green Soup: Leek and potato soup Mexican style with bacon, chilli, coriander, spinach & cheese (gf, nf, opt v & df) 

- Pepper Poppers: Sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese & wrapped in Parma ham (gf, nf, opt vegetarian)




- Chilli gone barmey or Phoebe’s vegan Mexican stew with tomato rice: Chilli con carne with meat or not (df, nf, gf / df, nf, v, vg) 

- Fajitas: Tortilla wraps, chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese & jalapenos (nf, opt v, df)




- Churros with Mexican chocolate sauce:

Mexican doughnuts with a dark indulgent chocolate sauce (v, nf)


Chorizo Croquette.jpg

Thai Takeaway

£20 per person


Vegetable spring rolls (x3)

Thai spiced vegetables (df, nf, v, vg)


Fishcakes (x2)

Served with a sweet chili sauce (df, nf)


OR vegetarian option


Thai Egg rolls (x2)

Spicy Thai flavoured omelette (v, df, nf, gf)




Thai green chicken or vegetable curry

Served with rice, spinach and peas (df, gf, nf opt v or vg)





Lemon posset

Served with a sable biscuit (nf, v.  GF without the biscuit)


British Takeaway

£20 per person



Salmon bites (x3)

Salmon wrapped in parma ham served with a lemon & dill mayonnaise (df, nf, gf)

Quail scotch egg (x2)

Quails egg, sausage meat and breadcrumbs with a garlic dip (df, opt gf)



24 Hour Pork

Pork shoulder in a host of spices, cooked for 20+ hours (df, gf, nf)

Hassleback potatoes

Roast potatoes by another name (df, gf, nf, v, vg)


Portabello Wellington

Crispy puff pastry stuffed with onions, mushrooms & spinach (vg, v, df, nf)


Cider gravy (df, gf, nf)


Sprouting Broccoli

Glazed carrots



Banoffee Pie

Banana’s, biscuits and cream (v, nf opt gf)


French Takeaway

£20 per person


Cod beignets

Deep fried croquettes of cod, potato and Parmesan (nf)


French Puffs

A savoury cheesy choux (v, nf)




Chicken ballotine and Velouté

Chicken wrapped around mushrooms and spinach, encased in parma ham (gf, nf)


Tarte tatin - Vegetarian option

Caramelised onions & goats cheese with a flaky pastry base and balsamic glaze (nf, v)


Pommes Anna 

Layers of potato and butter (nf, v, gf)


Asparagus (df, nf, gf)




Chocolate Mousse with a macaron (v, nf)