Thai Takeaway

Saturday 2nd May - PICK UP ONLY FROM EN10

Chang Mai Noodles.jpg

£18 per person

Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Dairy Free options available


Crispy Eggs (x2)

Egg stuffed with pork and prawn (df, nf - opt v, vg, gf)

Fishcakes (x3)

Salmon & Cod in Thai spices (df, gf, bf)




Chang Mai Noodles 

A spicyThai red curry broth with chicken and noodles (df, nf - opt v, vg, gf)





Lemongrass panacotta topped with a chocolate macaron

Creamy dessert with a hint of lemongrass (nf, gf -  opt v, vg)


Banoffee Pie

Bananas, biscuits, cream & chocolate (nf, v)



df - dairy free | gf - gluten free ingredients | v - vegetarian | vg - vegan | nf - nut free